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"Boat Union of Ukraine" is an association of scientific and industrial enterprises, institutes, military specialists, inventors and developers of landing, transport and special boats, boats, underwater vehicles, piloted and remotely piloted carriers of various types of weapons, naval drones, transport platforms and evacuation floats, developers and manufacturers of remote control devices, combat remotely controlled modules, various types of weapons, aerial drones for use on long-range sea carriers.

    "Boat Union of Ukraine" has united and continues to attract to its union the remnants of the powerful scientific and production potential of Ukraine in the field of shipbuilding. During the war with the Rashish invaders, all of them proved their ability to develop and produce unique boats and floating vehicles in these difficult conditions, using their scientific potential, new world technologies and materials.

    The goal of the "Boat Union of Ukraine" is to support shipbuilding activities in Ukraine and its activities aimed at reproduction, preservation, development and effective use of the high scientific and technical, production and export potential of the shipbuilding industry as a priority component of the high-tech sector to ensure the national interests of the state's defense capability.

  "Boat Union of Ukraine" is an association of scientists, developers, inventors and manufacturers of Ukraine who support and complement each other and represent a multidisciplinary complex of enterprises and organizations that carry out various stages and stages of development and construction of military vessels, in particular:

    design and construction activity;

    construction of ships and other floating means;

    production of ship mechanisms;

    production of marine instruments;

    repair and modernization of ships, ship mechanisms and devices;

    scientific and educational activities, training of qualified personnel.

            The purpose of the Union is:

    provision of the Armed Forces with the necessary floating boats, drones and other means necessary for the faster approach of our victory over the Rashists;

    preservation and further development of the scientific, technical, technological and production potential of shipbuilding as one of the factors of national security of Ukraine;

  increasing the export potential of shipbuilding in the defense sector and the competitiveness of shipbuilding developments (products) of defense importance;

search for financing and attraction of investments (including foreign ones) in the development of shipbuilding in Ukraine;

    implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research, development of science and education in the field of shipbuilding;

    promoting the interaction of legal entities and individuals employed in the fields of fundamental and applied science, production and other sectors of the economy, with shipbuilding participants;

    transition to a model of innovative development of shipbuilding in Ukraine through the revival of scientific and technical potential and experimental production;

  ensuring an effective management process, attracting highly qualified specialists capable of reviving the industry, promoting their productive work, professional mobility and competitiveness, attracting professional personnel with extensive experience in shipbuilding to production;

  activation of international cooperation and promotion of the image of Ukraine on the international market as a country with a developed and competitive shipbuilding industry and a favorable investment environment;

    training of qualified workers, technicians and engineers;

   implementation of shipbuilding activities on terms of equality with other states, taking into account their national interests.

There are about 62 thousand rivers on the territory of Ukraine, from the deep valley there are about 206 thousand. km, including close to 3 yew. zavdovka over 10 km, 115 - over 100 km.
The Black Sea coastline in the borders of Ukraine is 1540 km, and the coastline of the Sea of Azov is over 400 km.

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