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HDPE high density and low pressure polyethylene

HDPE лодки
полиэтиленовые лодки

Indestructible plastic


1. Super buoyancy - lighter than water.
HDPE is a unique material. Let's start with its density: it ranges from 930 to 970 kg / m3. This makes HDPE lighter than water. And that makes HDPE extremely buoyant, even when immersed in water.

2. Zero corrosion - zero maintenance.
Oxygen, salt and water do not affect HDPE. HDPE will not be affected by the damaging effects of time. Paint system: not available. Salt water: rinse after use in sea water is not necessary. Simply put: HDPE offers zero corrosion, zero maintenance.

3. Resistance to marine and river overgrowth by algae and mollusks - anti-fouling protection is not required.
You will never have to deal with marine and river sprouting of a hull with an HDPE casing: nothing simply sticks to the casing. Thus, thanks to its continuous clean and smooth bottom, the HDPE speed boat maintains a constant speed. No toxic pollution, does not harm the environment.

4. Aggressive fluids? No harm!
Do you work with chemicals or fuels? Good news: HDPE boats and pontoons are not exposed to aggressive liquids.

5. High impact resistance - not afraid of sharp stones, gravel, sand.
RIB inflatable balloons quickly become damaged when they hit a sharp stone or branch. But not HDPE cylinders. Its viscous and elastic characteristics prevent both deformation and cracking. HDPE is both durable and flexible due to its elastic properties. The rugged HDPE enclosure is ideal if you work close to the beach.

6. Resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
We use only HDPE because of its resistance to ultraviolet radiation. HDPE is UV stabilized to prevent brittle material due to exposure to the sun in tropical conditions.

7. The flexibility of production.
Our boats are made from HDPE by welding sheets, which gives you great flexibility in creating a boat that exactly matches your needs. This includes the installation of additional components such as seats and storage compartments. Need adjustments in your layout? Easy as pie with HDPE.

8. Easy to repair.
What if you need to repair something on a boat from HDPE? Keep in mind that such situations rarely occur with HDPE. We just often get this question. The answer is simple: any local polyethylene container company can do this for you. Or do it yourself - ask us for your welding kit.

9. Low carbon footprint.
The carbon footprint of HDPE is 5 times lower than that of aluminum! And this is only one aspect when it comes to longevity. Other: a boat made of HDPE is indestructible, so it will stay with you for 10, 20, 30, 40 years.

10. Durability: 100% recyclable material.
GRP boats have a limited service life and are not recyclable. The same goes for aluminum: the destruction of metal will send any aluminum boat into the trash. HDPE can be 100% re-melted and recycled in a new polyethylene blend.

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